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Shane Clevenger

Shane is a former U.S. Marine, who has trained in all facets of Infantry Operations and was assigned to an infantry company that was the rubber boat raid company utilizing the Zodiac boat. Shane was also a member of the U.S.M.C. Pistol Team and Parris Island Rifle & Pistol Team respectively. Shane is a Distinguished Marksman and Pistol Shot (Double Distinguished), with several individual and team awards. Upon leaving active duty service with the U.S.M.C., Shane began his Law Enforcement career with a local agency, during which time he continued to compete in shooting competitions nationally and was the National Police Champion in 1995, 1996 at Camp Perry, Ohio.

Shane was a member of his agency’s S.W.A.T Team where he became a Team Leader, Sniper Instructor and S.W.A.T Firearms Instructor. During his time on S.W.A.T he was involved in numerous high risk operations and VIP protection details to include the President of the United States and many other dignitaries. Shane has assembled a highly motivated, professional and proficient cadre of instructors to insure “Truth in Training” based on tried and true tactics, teaching skills and real world experience. Shane has instructed and trained with a wide variety of Military/Law Enforcement Operators. Shane is a Water bourn operations Instructor, Jeet Kune Do practitioner, CQB Instructor, PSDA/IDEA SCUBA Instructor, NRA Instructor and South Carolina Concealed Weapons Instructor. Shane is currently a Combat Arms Instructor for the Department of Defense. Shane is currently a firing member of “Team Cabot” Bullseye pistol Team ( Shane is married to Misty Clevenger.

Misty Clevenger

Misty Clevenger  serves as the Managing Director of Able Tactical’s day to day operations. Misty’s duel degrees in Criminal Justice Administration and Social Psychology assist her in the management and implementation of Able Tactical’s training programs. Misty is a Certified NRA Instructor and  Primary Instructor for our Youth Shooting Programs, Special Shooter Programs and as an Instructor in most other classes and courses.  Misty is a career Law Enforcement professional with 6 years in civilian Law Enforcement and continues to protect and serve daily.  Misty has served on Warrant Apprehension Teams, Facility Security Details, Judicial Protection Details and as a Patrol Officer.  Misty’s expertise in Law Enforcement operations, officer safety tactics, youth safety & training are invaluable and a key part of Able Tactical. In addition Misty has trained in martial arts in the way of Krav Maga which contributes to her experience in training students in empty hand combat. Misty is married to Shane Clevenger.

Alan Langford

Alan Langford is a co-founder of Able Tactical and is the Training Director. Alan has provided quality firearms instruction for many years in local Law Enforcement and in the private sector. Alan has been a Law Enforcement professional since 1995, with current assignments as a Patrol Supervisor and as the Team Leader for his agencies Crisis Negotiations Team. Alan is a certified Law Enforcement firearms instructor, with additional certifications as an Armorer with the Glock pistol, Remington Shotgun and M4/AR-15 Weapons System. Alan is a SC SLED Certified CWP Instructor, an experienced shooter, armorer and metallic cartridge reloader.

Alan is married with children and lives locally, he is active in the community and recreational shooting.

Tim Newman

Tim Newman is the Executive Director of Operations for Able Tactical. His responsibilities include: ensuring that all Able Tactical’s classes and courses share the Able Approach, deliver the intended training and satisfy the customer needs.  As the Executive Director of Operations Tim is responsible for the overall delivery of training, management of our Training Skills Teams and coordinates all customer/student logistic needs.  Tim also assists with all training as needed and delivers many individual classes.  Tim is a Veteran of the United States Marine Corps, civilian and federal law enforcement and is a decorated International Law Enforcement Officer.  In 2005, Tim lost his leg to a roadside IED in Baghdad, Iraq.  His service did not end with this and he continues to serve both personally and professionally in many areas of International Law Enforcement, advocacy and now with Able Tactical.   Tim is an experienced operator with 30 years of Firearms, Operations Training, real world experience and expertise including Officer Survival, Defensive Tactics, Tactical Operations, Range Operations, Executive Protection, Precision Marksman, Ground Fighting, Vehicle Operations, Convoy Operations, Personal Security Detail (PSD) Operations & Training, IED Mitigation, Employee Advocacy, Peer Counseling and has testified before the Congress of the United States.

Tim believes that everyone is “Able” to learn and develop their firearms or defensive skills to keep themselves and their families safe.   Everyone from our heroes in wheelchairs to our greatest generation can enjoy the fun and personal security allowed through the responsible use of firearms.  Doubting your abilities is the easiest way to lose a fight, making yourself more comfortable and confident is the easiest way to win one.  Tim’s favorite quote regarding training of any type is “If you’re not careful you may learn something” (Bill Cosby, The Fat Albert Show)

Mark Cobb

Mark Cobb is the Chief Tactical & Advanced Skills Coordinator, he also assists will all other training as needed.  Mark is a Veteran of the United States Army, having served with the 82nd Airborne and the 3rd US Infantry (Old Guard).  Mark has been in civilian Law Enforcement since leaving the military and has been a tactical operator with his agencies Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT) Team, SWAT Instructor, Dive Team SCUBA Instructor and is a Law Enforcement Master K-9 Handler.  Mark has expertise in Tactical Weapons, Small Unit Tactics, Tactical Waterbourne Operations, Executive Protection, Defensive Tactics, Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun training and many other specialized skills. In addition Mark has attended several specialized Tactical Schools for SWAT Operators.

Mark maintains the philosophy  “your mind” is the  most powerful weapon and believes in training for every possibility to ensure that you are prepared for any event.  Mark’s favorite quote concerning Firearms or Defensive Tactics training is “Fast is fine, but Accuracy is Final” (Wyatt Earp), which is obvious in the core of the training Mark delivers.

Mark is married to an Able Tactical Instructor Pam Cobb and lives and works locally.

Pam Cobb

Pamela Cobb is a charter member of Able Tactical and totally devoted to learning and teaching survival skills.  Pamela is a Law Enforcement and Public Safety professional working for the administrative division of her agency.  She is trained and certified in Urban/Wilderness Survival, Home Defense, Advanced Pistol Skills, Women’s Self-defense and is SCUBA Certified.  Pamela is an integral part of Able Tactical’s Special Shooters Program focusing on development and training of Women and the Disabled shooter.

Pamela believes in the mindset that “I will not be a victim,” and “Train like you fight and you will fight like you train.”  Her favorite weapon is her Glock 26 and her new M4.

Pamela is married to Mark Cobb and available for specialized and private class scheduling.


Frank Check

Frank Check is both a member of Able Tactical Instructor cadre and its business unit. Frank is a successful local small business owner (KFI Mechanical) and an avid Firearms enthusiast and instructor.  Frank has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business from the University of South Carolina.  Frank is a former US Marine Military Police Officer having served in Bosnia, Okinawa, South Korea and Germany.  He served as a Marksmanship Instructor on many occasions in the military, MOUNT Instructor, Military Police Combat Training and a graduate of the US Military Police Academy.  Frank is an NRA Certified Instructor and provides instruction in advanced skills.

Frank is married and has two children, He lives and works locally.  Frank is a native of Chicago Illinois.

Predictably Frank’s favorite weapon is the MK 19 Grenade Launcher.

Mike Sisino

Mike Sisino recently retired after a 31-year career in State Law Enforcement where he served in Patrol, Bureau of Criminal Investigation, Governors Security Detail, Marine Division and SWAT. Mike retired at the rank of Patrol Division Commander, served as the High Risk Entry Team Commander, and was the Lead Firearms Instructor at the State Police Academy. Mike also served on the State Use of Force Committee, which oversaw all training concerning use of force, firearms training and Instructor certifications.

During Mike’s SWAT career he was involved in numerous missions and high risk entries, served on protection details to include the President of the United States along with many other U.S. and Foreign dignitaries.

Mike also trained over 600 deploying U.S. Military personnel on Foreign Weapons familiarization, where he received the Brigade Commander and Command Sergeant Majors Award for Excellence.

Mike is a SIG certified armorer, H&K sub machinegun operator, NRA certified as a Law Enforcement Instructor in Pistol, Shotgun and Patrol Rifle, and is an F.B.I. trained Handgun and Shotgun Firearms Instructor. Mike also has had the opportunity during his Law Enforcement and SWAT career to train with elite units from the United States Military and Federal Agencies.

Mike has attended numerous SWAT and firearms training schools, and occasionally competes in firearms competitions where he has won local, state and regional matches.

Mike is married and has two sons, one of whom serves in the U.S. Army in an E.O.D. unit.

Mike’s mottos are “Mission First, Troops Always” and “Sometimes the Instructor, Always the Student.”
Able Tactical also has several instructors who are currently involved in or have been in operations across the globe and currently cannot be identified or photographed due to strict security requirements.  Able Tactical is a strong advocate of transperancy when dealing with our staff so our students can make the best choice in regards to their combative training needs. However due to the current state of Foriegn and Domestic obligations by the United States of America regarding  in the War on Terrorism we cannot morally and ethically endanger these Warriors of Freedom. Thank you for your understanding and support of those who protect you while you sleep.

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“The laws that forbid the carrying of arms are laws of such a nature. They disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes…. Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.” – Thomas Jefferson (quoting 18th century criminologist Cesare Beccaria)